Date: 02. 11. 2022.

There are some systems and networks that make up the infrastructure of society. Some of these infrastructures are of utmost importance and are related to each other, and these are known as critical infrastructures. Particularly, the security and privacy of critical infrastructures (a nation’s strategic national assets, i.e., banking and finance, communications, emergency services, energy, food chain, health, water, mass gatherings, transport, etc.), which is an essential part of our daily life, in accessing different systems, services, and applications are serious issues. However, it is challenging to achieve, as technology is changing at a rapid speed and our systems are ever more complex. The explosion of multimedia data has created unprecedented opportunities and fundamental security challenges as they are not just large in volume, but also unstructured and multi-modal.


The topic of the Special Issue mainly focuses on deep learning for the safety and security of multimedia data in critical infrastructure, addressing both original algorithmic development and new applications. 

This special issue belongs to the section "Computer Science and Symmetry/Asymmetry". The deadline for submitting scientific papers is March 31, 2023. More information about topics and instructions for writing and submitting scientific papers is available at the link.