Departments scientific and research activity is based on a constant participation at international and Croatian scientific congresses and conferences.

Our reserach work explores the field of:

  • modeling of information and communication systems and their application in the environment of the traffic system,
  • simulation in the field of traffic,
  • safety and protection of information and communication systems,
  • forensic analysis of information and communication systems,
  • design and development of new communication services and software modules,
  • e-learning in the field of traffic technology,
  • possibilities of using ICT as assistive technology for the inclusion of people with disabilities and the others.

The projects:

2017. - 2018.

Evaluation of Existing Systems to Support Sharing of Information to Carpooling Users based on Cloud Computing

2017. - 2019.

Analysis of Data Traffic Characteristics Generated by Various Terminal Devices

2017. - 2018.

Modelling of traffic entities identification system in IoT environment

2015. - 2016.

System of automatic identification and informing of mobile entities in the traffic environment

2015. - 2016.

Research Context Using Smart Mobile Devices and Related Information and Communication Services

2014. - 2015.

Exploring Possibilities of Application of the IoT Concept to Improve the Safety of Movement of Blind and Visually Impaired through Transport Network

2013. - 2014.

Information and Communication Services for the Movement of People with Reduced and Difficult Mobility through Transport Network

2013. - 2014.

GIFT Project (Green Intermodal Freight Transportation)

2012. - 2014.

HINT Project (Harmonized Inland Navigation Transport through Education and Information Technology)

2011. - 2012.

The Test Site for People with Disabilities, the Fund for the Development of Universities

2011. - 2012.

Standardization of Collection and Processing of Data for Transport Sector Development of Science and Economy

2011. - 2013.

ICT and e-Learning and Intermodal Transport

2011. - 2013.

The Parameters of the Environmental Impact on the Development of Infrastructure and Transport Systems

2008. - 2012.

CIVITAS ELAN: Mobilising Ctizens for Vital Cities

2008. - 2009.

Strategy of Intermodal Transportation System Development and Intermodal Centers Network in Croatia - INTERMODARH

2007. - 2013.

Defining Intermodal Transport Corridors Using Multi-Criteria Decision-Making

2002. - 2005.

Methods of Development of Integrated Intelligent Transportation Systems