Date: 01. 12. 2022.

International scientific conference PosTel 2022 is held under the organization of the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering.


Abstract of the paper: Assistive technology promotes greater independence for people with disabilities by enabling them to perform everyday tasks while providing improvements or changing the methods of interacting with the technology required to perform such tasks. The cognitive and physical characteristics of people with Down syndrome are usually characterized by some form of difficulty in communication and learning and unique physical characteristics, which makes performing daily activities challenging and often require the help of an assistant. For this paper, the authors conducted a survey, and the collected data served as a basis for understanding the development of people with Down syndrome, movement in traffic and the environment, and the frequency and knowledge of information and communication technologies. The paper aims to propose CAT assistive technology model and conceptual system architecture for delivering information services based on the Internet of Things concept to increase the independence and mobility of people with Down syndrome.


The paper is available in open access at the link.