Date: 14. 06. 2023.

Assistive technologies for an accessible traffic environment was the topic of the presentation by Assoc. Prof. Marko Periša who presented the organization of the Faculty and the Department of Information and Communication Traffic. As the Head of the Laboratory of Development and Research of  Information  and Communication Assistive Technology, he emphasized that their goal is to harmonize the wishes of users with the actual situation and raise the level of quality of life for all groups of people with disabilities. The research of networks and systems and the implementation of services is what they deal with, as well as the research of user needs. In the beginning, they noticed a gap and non-acceptance of what technology offers them, and over time, users' awareness has changed a lot, he pointed out. Projects in which the Faculty is involved were also presented, such as the smart intersection in Zagreb and the study of the implementation of the passenger information system in railway traffic, as well as the prototype of a smart wristband.


Ensuring digital and physical accessibility for everyone, in the network activities it regulates, is the primary goal of the HAKOM, but also sharing knowledge and experience with others and creating a synergistic effect for greater changes in society. This year's conference is also part of the initiative to raise awareness that differences are respected when creating digital solutions or physical accessibility, and whenever possible solutions are implemented universally, i.e. so that they can be used by everyone, including people with disabilities.


More about the conference itself is available at the link.