Head of Laboratory:
prof. dr. sc. Dragan Peraković


The laboratory is part of Department of Information and Communication Traffic. It was formed for the purpose of performing practical training and exercises, including R&D in the field of ICT networks and services.

The laboratory is equipped with the cutting-edge equipment and software, including computers, network equipment (switches, routers, mainly CISCO), IP softswitch (3CX), digital and analog switch (ERICSSON), mobile and VoIP devices, and Riverbed Modeler Simulation Tool (formerly referred to as OPNET Modeler Suite). The laboratory is technically and technologically equipped for:

  • Research of ICT networks
  • Research of telecommunications policy
  • Research of economic impacts of telecommunications
  • Network simulation, modelling and optimization of ICT networks
  • Analysis of telecommunications market
  • Testing and analysis of QoS
  • Education and training