Head of Laboratory:
izv. prof. dr. sc. Marko Periša


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The Laboratory of Development and Research of Information and Communication Assistive Technology in the field of traffic aims at development of ICT technologies and services in order to improve quality of life of persons with disabilities. Through the students participation the Lab aims to raise awareness about the development and the adaptation of ICT solutions for all groups of people with disabilities. Applications and solutions developed to help people with disabilities using traffic network in everyday life do not have a systematic approach to the development and often do not meet the traffic and technological requirements of the users. Laboratory for the application and development of assistive technologies in traffic provides students with education and a systematic approach when developing and designing the mentioned solutions based on ICT technologies. Laboratory work is carried out in cooperation with the up2date union, an association that brings together people with disabilities and has the education on the use of new technologies one of the goals.

The Laboratory of Development and Research of Information and Communication Assistive Technology includes computer part of the Laboratory which is used for design and development of systems in theoretical and applicative sense. Another part of the Laboratory is made of external polygon for experimental verification in real environments where the user is located when moving through the traffic network.

Students with disabilities can use computer equipment according to their individual needs in the laboratory.

Services within the computer part of the Laboratory:

  • Development and design of applications for groups of persons with disabilities
  • Adaptive computer access to the e-Business systems
  • Low vision aids
  • Education of reading and writing on the computer equipment with the use of specific tools
  • Training and education of persons with disabilities about new solutions and services
  • Testing and education of professional personnel working with the persons with disabilities and the appliance of new solutions (peripathologists about the use of mobile applications)

Services within the external part of the Laboratory (the polygon):

  • Testing the effectiveness of traffic technology solutions in the purpose of movement of persons with disabilities through the traffic network
  • Education of users about the application of new technologies in the real-life situations and environments
  • In a cooperation with the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation: the implementation of orientation and movement training with the students and the users
  • Training for users in wheelchairs;
  • Education of users with customized systems in vehicles.