The duration of the project

2011.   -   2013.


The Parameters of the Environmental Impact on the Development of Infrastructure and Transport Systems

The increase of traffic has a direct impact on the increase of noise pollution and exhaust fumes. Increased density of air transport is the reason why Aircrafts are increasing environmental pollutants of noise affecting the quality of life and health of the population, especially in around the airports. In tourist-oriented Croatian coast there is a need for the construction of airports and heliports of smaller capacity in order to provide faster transport of tourists to their final destination. In such environment, even with averagely low intensity of traffic, the pollution, especially noise pollution, can be a limiting factor in the development of transport infrastructure and can affect navigation procedures and overall organization of traffic. The focus of scientific research of this project is in development of model for noise prediction for types of general aviation aircrafts (planes and helicopters) in the environment of some smaller airports in Croatia, and their verification through appropriate standardized field measurements and analysis. Activities within the project aim to conduct the research of medical, ergonomic and safety aspects of aircraft noise within the cabin, and the impact of noise on airport staff and people in the immediate surroundings of the airport. In addition, this research is focused on monitoring, evaluation and screening of all environmental parameters that have significant impact on development of transport systems and infrastructure.