The duration of the project

2015.   -   2016.


System of automatic identification and informing of mobile entities in the traffic environment

In the present methods of identification and collection of data about the traffic entities it is very often that only one technology from AIDC (Automatic identification and data capture) is being used.  ICT technologies such as RFID, RTLS, NFC, GPS and the modern marking technologies can be implemented into the function of identification of mobile traffic entities within the traffic environment.

The research on the possibilities of the appliance of previously mentioned ICT technologies and their functionalities (identification, monitoring and informing of traffic entities) is conducted within the three Case Studies; postal traffic (postal package), maritime traffic (travelers in the maritime ports) and road traffic (persons with disabilities). The main goal of the research is to offer new types of added value services for all participants of the traffic/logistic process and to increase the QoS (eng. Quality of Service) for the end users. The resulting contribution is in a more efficient use of AIDC technologies within the traffic environment.