The duration of the project

2017.   -   2018.


Evaluation of Existing Systems to Support Sharing of Information to Carpooling Users based on Cloud Computing

Dynamic carpooling (carsharing), supported by information and communication technologies (ICT), represents the upgrade of traditional and occasional carpooling and a modern way of connecting users. Dynamic or real-time carpooling services tend to rely on a similar set of technologies and share similar features. Basic demands of dynamic carpooling include various elements forming an ICT value chain in a dynamic carpooling system, and those are network, providers, services, applications, user equipment, content, etc. One of the contemporary integrative approaches from ICT domain is the application of Cloud Computing, which assures flexibility of the location access to computer resources. There are numerous concepts of Cloud computing for different stakeholders and traffic sector services that provide an on-demand network for sharing configurable computer resources, such as mentioned value chain elements (networks, providers, servers, applications and different services). Within proposed application of respective support, the applicability is closely related to the interaction of stakeholders in the dynamic carpooling and choosing the appropriate service level of Cloud Computing. Cloud computing services provide dynamically scalable Internet services on-demand, and the user must be able to choose the appropriate services according to personal needs. The method of Multicriteria Decision Analysis/Making (MCDA / MCDM) is proposed for selecting most appropriate cloud computing service and to evaluate all supporting system elements. Multi-criteria decision-making is one of the emerging Operational Research (OR) dealing with techniques for solving a multicriteria problem such as the problem of Cloud computing service selection.

The aim of this project is to analyze existing systems with the objective to support sharing of information to carpooling and carsharing users based on Cloud Computing, using various multicriteria analysis methods, such as Analytical hierarchy/network process, Promethee, etc.

The purpose of this project is to determine the applicability of the multicriteria analysis methods available in the design of cloud computing systems for carpooling and carsharing users.

The project shall provide state-of-art practical aspects of multi-criteria analysis in the design of Cloud computing systems, as well as a comparative analysis and a sum of selected cloud computing services related to carpooling and carsharing systems.