The duration of the project

2007.   -   2013.


Defining Intermodal Transport Corridors Using Multi-Criteria Decision-Making

The traffic is an integral part of many social activities what results in a need of adequate transport services with a satisfactory quality of service and system capacity. Organizing of the traffic requests a new vision of an integrated network that takes advantage of some modes of transport and minimize disadvantages of single mode (unimodality). Scientific approach is being used to explore and systematically identify all relevant parameters in the process of defining the intermodal transport corridors. The analysis and evaluation parameters are used to define simulation model based on multi-criteria analysis. The use of algorithms of combined programming help to solve the problem of assignment as general transportation problem, and the problem of the most profitable investment as a problem of allocation of capital. Possible solutions are revealed through the simulation of proposed model. The ultimate goal is to define a methodology and concept of intermodal transport corridor that meets all the criteria and has a direct impact on the increase of safety in transport, the reduction of negative impact on the environment as well as the increase of economic efficiency.