The duration of the project

2008.   -   2012.


CIVITAS ELAN: Mobilising Ctizens for Vital Cities

As part of the EU CIVITAS programme, the ELAN project has an approach where the main idea is to “Put the citizen first”. ELAN consists of highly experienced partners from five cities, many of which have been involved in the first two phases of the CIVITAS initiative. They are all vibrant medium-sized European centres of social, cultural and economic life with strong identities, rich cultural heritage and high-quality public spaces. They all have major universities with large student populations. These dynamic cities share a strong commitment to implement mobility policy that gives priority to citizens and their quality of life. The ELAN cities are in critical phases of urban development with large infrastructure projects underway to improve the main interchanges and major arteries of their transport systems. CIVITAS ELAN addresses topics of specific interest to Central and Eastern European cities. These cities face particular challenges such as fast motorisation, capacity problems in public transport, infrastructure renewal and rapidly changing cityscapes. These rapid changes create many opportunities for cities from both old and new Member States to learn from each other. Ljubljana, Brno and Zagreb represent cities from new Member States or accession countries with Ljubljana acting as the project coordinator. They bring with them extensive experience in energy-efficient technologies in public transport. CIVITAS ELAN therefore emphasises a two-way learning process facilitated through technical workshops, training sessions and technical site visits.