D. Peraković, M. Periša, V. Sedlar

Zborník príspevkov a prednášok DoNT 2015

Research of Iot Concept in monitoring the activities of the Elderly Person

D. Peraković, M. Periša, I. Cvitić, R. E. Sente, M. Radošević, P. Zorić

RCITD - Proceedings in Research Conference in Technical Disciplines 2015

Web 2.0 services for informing elderly people: Web for Health

I. Jovović, I. Forenbacher, M. Periša

RCITD - Proceedings in Research Conference in Technical Disciplines 2015

Massive Machine-Type Communications: An Overview and Perspectives Towards 5G

D. Peraković, M. Periša, I. Cvitić

PosTel 2015, Belgrade, Serbia

Analysis of the IoT Impact on Volume of DDoS Attacks

D. Peraković, M. Periša, M. Bukljaš-Skočibušić

Archives of Telematics Transport System

Possibilities of implementing Ambient Assisted Living concept in traffic environment

D. Peraković, M. Periša, A. Bilić-Prcić

Cutting Edge Research in Technologies

Possibilities of Applying ICT to Improve the Safe Movement of Blind and Visually Impaired Persons

I.Grgurević, Z.Kavran, A.Pušeljić

The 3rd International Virtual Research Conference In Technical Disciplines, RCITD 2015, October 19-23, 2015

Simulation Analysis of Characteristics and Application of Software-Defined Networks

I.Grgurević, D.Peraković, I.Forenbacher, T.Milinović

DAAAM International Scientific Book 2015, Chapter 34

Application of the Internet of Things Concept in Carsharing System

S.Husnjak, I.Forenbacher, T.Bucak

Promet – Traffic&Transportation